Films 1-49 out of 49

A Few Questions About Hearing Of The World

Maja Baczyńska, Poland, 2014
Focusing on four young Polish composers, this film paints a picture...

A Fuller Life

Film as Art
Samantha Fuller, USA, 2013
Samantha Fuller honors her legendary writer-director father Sam...

Absent God

Israeli Films Competition
Yoram Ron, Israel, 2015
The Jewish humanism of Emmanuel Levinas, one of the greatest 20th-...


Film as Art
Ron Mann, Canada, 2014
Legendary director Robert Altman died in November 2006, at age 81. He...

Ballet Boys

Kenneth Elvebakk, Norway, 2014
Three young Norwegian men who want to dance are the subjects of this...

Beltracchi - The Art of Forgery

Visual Arts
Arne Birkenstock, Germany, 2013
It’s no coincidence that this film opens with the artist’s hands...

Burroughs: The Movie

The Written Word
Howard Brookner, USA, 1983
The captivating author Williams Burroughs is the focus of this film,...


Asaf Ben David, Israel, 2014
Doron Butnik, a gifted musician, suffers from bipolar disorder and...

Capturing Grace

David Iverson, USA, 2014
This film focuses on a group of people with Parkinson's disease who...

Chekhov's 'Everyman'

Amir Cohn, Israel, 2015
The film follows 83 year old Albert Cohen as he attempts to host and...

Comrade Couture

Marco Wilms, Germany, 2009
Director Marco Wilms, who lives a bourgeois life in Berlin with his...

David Hockney in the Now: In Six Minutes

Visual Arts
Lucy Walker , USA, 2013
Six minutes featuring David Hockney, the witty British artist – and...

Dylan on Dylan

The Written Word
Andrew Sinclair, UK, 2002
A reconstruction of the life of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (born 1914),...

For No Good Reason

Visual Arts
Charlie Paul, UK | USA, 2012
The illustrator Ralph Steadman, a Brit whose restrained, pleasant...

Fringe Story

Israeli Films Competition
Tor Ben Mayor, Israel, 2014
This is the story of the fringe theater group Orto-Da whose play “...

Human Voice

Edoardo Ponti, Italy, 2014
Jean Cocteau wrote his play “The Human Voice” in 1930, and it has...

Icon Flesh and Blood

Israeli Films Competition
Honi Hamehagel , Israel, 2015
Boundary-busting performing artist Smadar Yaaron, the focus of this...

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here

Visual Arts
Amei Wallach, USA | Austria | France | Germany | Russia, 2013
Ilya Kabakov is one of the most important Russian artists living...

In No Great Hurry: 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter

Visual Arts
Tomas Leach, UK, 2014
Saul Leiter is considered one of the most important photographers of...

Kichka, Draw Me a Comics

Israeli Films Competition
Sari Raz, Israel, 2014
In May of 2013, artist and illustrator Michel Kichka published the...

Life May Be

Film as Art
Mania Akbari, Mark Cousins , UK | Iran, 2014
Two artists, the British director Mark Cousins and Iranian actor and...

Mats Ek: Julia & Romeo

Thomas Grimm, Austria, 2013
A behind-the-scenes look at Mats Ek's captivating "Juliet and Romeo...

Mickey B

Tom Magill, UK, 2007
This film was a world first – the only feature film to be made within...

Miss Julie

The Written Word
Liv Ullmann, France, 2014
Liv Ullmann directs this Strindberg adaptation that takes places in...


Israeli Films Competition
Anat Goren, Israel, 2015
This film is a duet between Israeli composer Nahum “Nachche” Heyman...

Now in the Wings on a World Stage

Jeremy Whelehan, USA, 2014
Israel, unfortunately, was not among the stops on the world tour of...

Paco de Lucía: A Journey

Curro Sánchez Varela, Spain, 2014
Paco de Lucía was a child when he sat and watched his father try to...

Penderecki: Paths Through The Labyrinth

Anna Schmidt, Germany | Poland, 2013
At the start of this film about the avant-garde Polish composer...


John Bridcut , UK, 2013
While some 2,000 requiems have been composed in the last 500 years,...

Sagrada - The Mystery of Creation

Stefan Haupt , Switzerland, 2012
"Everything comes out of the great book of nature," the legendary...

The Art That Hitler Hated (Part I)

Visual Arts
Jill Nicholls , UK, 2014
This two-part BBC film follows what transpired after modern art that...

The Art That Hitler Hated: The Sins of the Fathers

Visual Arts
Jill Nicholls , UK, 2014
The second part of the hair-raising BBC film about art looted by the...

The Cabaret of Death

Andrzej (Andy) Celiński, Poland, 2014
This film tells the stories of various entertainers – all Jews – who...

The Choreographer Mats Ek

Andreas Söderberg, Sweden, 2014
Take a peek into the feverish mind of one of the world's leading...

The Colón Ring - Wagner In Buenos Aires

Hans Christoph von Bock, Germany, 2013
“Traitor!” shouts a singer performing on stage. That scene opens this...

The Hebrew Super Hero

Visual Arts
Shaul Betser, Asaf Galay, Israel, 2015
“The Hebrew Superhero” is a cinematic journey into the world of...

The Human Scale

Andreas M. Dalsgaard, Denmark, 2012
Half of the world’s population lives in cities, and this trend is...

The Last Sea

The Written Word
Ilana Druker, Israel, 2014
Haim Gouri earned the nickname “war poet” thanks to works like “Bab...

The Magic Voice of a Rebel

Olga Sommerová , Czech Republic, 2014
Marta Kubisova is a Czech singer whose career was beginning to take...

The Man Who Saved the Louvre

Visual Arts
Jean-Pierre Devillers, Pierre Pochard, France, 2014
In 1938, when France was hoping Hitler wouldn’t invade, one man,...

The Need to Dance

Petra Lataster-Czisch, Peter Lataster , The Netherlands, 2014
Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, son of a Moroccan father and Flemish mother, is...

The One and Only Mike Leigh

Film as Art
Jude Ho, UK, 2014
It’s hard to disagree with the title of this film: There is no other...

The Salt of the Earth

Visual Arts
Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, France, 2014
Following his cinematic tribute to the late German choreographer Pina...

This Boy is Me

Israeli Films Competition
Tom Shinan, Israel , 2015
Classic Israeli children’s songs of the 1970s and ’80s are symbols of...

Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People

Visual Arts
Thomas Allen Harris, USA, 2014
“Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People” is the subtitle...

Un trio pour Schubert

Christian Leblé, France, 2014
Matthias Goerne, the renowned German baritone, rehearses ahead of a...

Unveiling Salome

Nayo Titzin, Bulgaria, 2013
This documentary follows the behind-the-scenes creative process of a...

Uri in the Sky (Director’s Cut)

Visual Arts
Amir Har-Gil, Israel, 2015
This film follows the creation of a painting from its inception to...

Written by Mrs. Bach

Alex McCall, UK | Germany, 2014
Australian researcher Martin Jarvis spent 25 years trying to...