House of Z

Director: Sandy Chronopoulos | USA, 2017 | 87 min | English, Hebrew Subtitles
Friday | 16.3
Kaufman | 16:30

Zac Posen grew up in a warm, loving family in the heart of New York’s trendy SoHo neighborhood. As a child he played with dolls, sewing costumes for them, and as a teenager, at his arts high school, his friends became his first models. Then celebrities started wearing his designs and fashion magazines, led by Vogue, embraced the wunderkind Posen. The world seemed amazed by the 20-year-old who could design such beautiful dresses, and Posen seemed to enjoy his newfound stardom. Then came the downfall. This fascinating film, which unfolds like a thriller, traces Posen’s rise, fall, and courageous attempt to reclaim his place at the top. Posen, his family and colleagues describe his meteoric rise and painful descent. This is a film about hubris – how pride nearly destroyed Posen and how he learned what is truly important.

Festivals: Tribeca, Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival

Director: Sandy Chronopoulos | Producer: Rachel Cohen & Jana Edelbaum | Cinematographer: Konrad Czystowski | Editor: Madeleine Gavin |