Director: Julian Rosefeldt | Germany & Australia, 2017 | 95 min | English, Hebrew Subtitles
Saturday | 17.3
Kaufman | 16:00

The 13 monologues performed by the inimitable Cate Blanchett present a series of artistic manifestos on everything from Surrealism to Communism, Dadaism to Dogma 95. Blanchett takes on different personas as she recites the manifestos, emphasizing the differences between these “types” from seemingly different worlds – whether it’s a homeless man or well-groomed high-society woman.  This is originally a video installation, in which the 13 manifestos are screened simultaneously, but here it is presented as the 90-minute feature film that premiered at Sundance last year. Each character gets the attention he or she deserves, and the effect of seeing them individually highlights the nonsense or the wisdom in their words. Either way, this is a tour-de-force performance by one of the greatest actors alive today.

Festivals: Sundance, Jerusalem

Opening lecture by Tom Baikin-O'hayon

Director: Julian Rosefeldt | With: Cate Blanchett | Cinematographer: Christoph Krauss | Editor: Bobby Good | Choreography: Erwin Prib |