Stateless – Klaus Rózsa, Photographer

Director: Erich schmid | Switzerland, 2016 | 96 min | German & Hungarian, Hebrew Subtitles
Friday | 16.3
Kaufman | 12:00

In 1956, when Klaus Rózsa was 2 years old, the Soviets crushed the anti-Communist uprising in Hungary, his homeland. His Jewish parents fled Hungary, ultimately settling in Zurich. The young Rózsa took an interest in photography, and began documenting events of civil disobedience and state-perpetrated injustices. He repeatedly applied for citizenship, and was repeatedly denied. The police regarded him – rightly – as a dangerous critic who wanted to shed light on everything they tried to sweep under the rug. Now in his 60s, Rózsa, the son of an Auschwitz survivor who was afraid all his life, always took it for granted that he must fight against injustice. He has been arrested time and again, beaten by the police, and even prosecuted. Yet as this film which sings his praises shows, despite it all, he continues to fight.

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Q&A with the director and Klaus Rózsa

Director: Erich schmid | Producer: Erich schmid | Cinematographer: Ueli Nüesch | Editor: Ruth Schläpfer | Music: André Bellmont |