Voices of Finance

Director: Clara van Gool | Holland, 2016 | 35 min | English, Hebrew Subtitles
Friday | 16.3
Kaufman | 16:30

The monologues that make up this short film all come from a popular blog of the same name in which people from the fields of banking, investment, and finance talk about their reality. Just some of what they touch on includes the pursuit of money, the life-and-death competition, the abandonment of morals and principles, deception and theft, enslavement to success and its symbols, and the fear of losing one’s job. What’s unique here is that dancers, using movement, text and voice-over, embody and articulate the words of these various players from the financial sector. The mash-up between the dancers’ bodies and the words being spoken creates a wonderful irony, and shines a light on the terrible absurdity of lives in which money is everything.

Screened with "No Maps On My Taps"

Screened with "Driving Dreams"

Director: Clara van Gool | Producer: Hans de Wolf | Cinematographer: Nils Post | Editor: Kevin Whelan |