Yohji Yamamoto: Dressmaker

Director: Ngo The Chau | Germany, 2016 | 69 min | English, Hebrew Subtitles
Friday | 16.3
Recanati | 10:30

Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, one of the most important and influential designers in the world, is a quiet man who speaks slowly, thinking as he articulates his sentences. Yamamoto is very precise – for example, he hates logos and heels – and that precision comes across in his fashion, which is influenced by Japanese aesthetics. Yamamoto recounts his story here, beginning with his childhood with his mother, when he learned at a young age that the world is cruel and that no one can be trusted. Today he views himself as a renegade artist who longs for unattainable freedom. He is demanding, both of himself and of others, and he believes in creativity that stems from hard work, practice, and experience. His mother, colleagues, students, and mostly he himself paint a picture of a man who has found purpose in clothes, but never stops searching even deeper.

Director: Ngo The Chau |